Blood on the Chair

by Halston



"a tale of early morning public transportation gone horribly right"


Is that blood on the chair?
Over there? Over there
I don’t know and I don’t care
That there’s blood on the chair

Just keep your head down
Down until Downtown

I ain’t going to flee
And by the looks neither is he
He’s so fucked he’s seeing three
So I aint’ going to flee

Don’t blink, like you’re dead
Keep those eyes in your head

Insofar that I’m all that you got
If you want, you got lucky
Tomorrow we obstruct justice
I wish this car would empty
Hey look, it emptied
Except for you! You!
And me! Me!
I offend and repeat and again
I’m some kind of wonderful!

How can I look away?
When I enjoy watching him sway
He’s not long… I’m sad to say
How can I look away?

Just keet that head down
Don’t look up until Downtown


released 08 October 2014
Dando Halston / Carlos Halston



all rights reserved


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